Trailer for String

During our tour of String for Albuquerque Head Start Programs, Chris Walsh met with us to film the show.  Chris is an actor and the creator of the recent youtube phenom “Shit Burquenos (New Mexicans) Say”.  Many thanks for his editing work and the support of Loren Kahn Puppet & Object Theatre for their organization of the tour and this filming.

<p>Key waits playing cat&rsquo;s cradle, for the audience to be ready. Opening herself to the stage, she discovers a winding red rope, symbol of life to be tamed…? Following the rope, Key finds the large bundle and unpacks seven brown paper bags. Each bag holds another emotion, the seventh, the bag of dreams and future, will be opened … tomorrow.<br /> <br /> The set is a metaphor for a blank page: a natural canvas back drop (6&rsquo;x 9&rsquo;); a slightly bigger canvas on the floor; upon it a brilliant red rope leading to a huge canvas bundle.<br /> <br /> String is a show where Mary Margaret Moore, actress and dancer, and Isabelle Kessler, director and writer, have woven three expressions: dance, theatre and object theatre. Their goal is for children to explore the emotions and power of imagination. To reach this goal they decided to take the path of simplicity: very few objects, a very simple setting, no music tracks, no lights effects, just a human being curious about her feelings, from fear to joy.<br /> <br /> Visit us on the web:<br /><br /></p>


About Mary Margaret Moore

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    Nice to see you again!

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