Symphony505 — A new collaboration with an old friend

I am launching preparation and research for a project that will be in creation/workshop in August and take place in late September at ISEA 2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness (International Symposium for Electronic Art), on the streets of Downtown Albuquerque.  I am collaborating with Christopher Marianetti, a composer that I have known since kindergarten (our first performance together was a 1st grade musical production of Davey Crockett (he was Crockett, and I was the Magistrate’s Daughter…it got steamy between the two, we waltzed — in front of our classmates!).

Symphony505 is inspired by a seed project that Christopher worked on some years ago, exploring the sudden surge in car bomb warfare in europe.  He wanted to use the car as a musical instrument, playing with the notion of music as bomb, exploring the confluence of physical presence of the car and the energetic presence of sound.  I like to think of it as a re-appropriation of the car, a machine that has come to carry a multitude of symbols, culturally, historically, and politically.

Together, we are going to delve further into this work.  Commissioned by 516 Arts, the gallery in Albuquerque that will play host to ISEA in 2012, we will work with Albuquerque’s urban/not-so urban landscape, the specific lowrider car culture of the southwest, and the technology of synchronizing musical transmissions through each of the performing cars to create a choreographed symphony of lowriders.

I have a feeling that this lowrider will be the ring-leader:

car: ’66 Caprice

driver and creator of this machine from the ground up: Kimothy, president of Down Low Car Club


and there are so many more. stay tuned…


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